Here for Good Since 1986

Auckland, Civic Centre, 1993

Throw your mind back to what New Zealand looked like in 1986…

Dave Dobbyn had just hit the top of the NZ music charts with his song 'Slice of Heaven', that was released on the soundtrack of the animated motion picture, Footrot Flats: The Dogs Tail Tale.

Only one year prior, our beloved Rainbow Warrior had been sunk in the port of Auckland.

The pope John Paul II even took a trip to Kiwi-land for a couple days!

It was also a step in the right direction when gay love began its journey to legalisation with the Homosexual Law Reform Act passing in parliament.

And if anyone cares… we even had historic wins over Aussie and England in the cricket!

As far as organic drinks were concerned, the market consisted of predominantly people considered to be crazy hippies.

34 years on, it's pretty clear that they were onto something. People care more about their health and what they put into their bodies. Organic is now a major market and will continue to grow more in the future.

So I think it's fair to say that we are a proud organic brand. Proud of our journey and even more so of our Kiwi heritage. We hope you've enjoyed having us around.